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Attempto Cooperations

We were a partner of the EU Network of Excellence REWERSE (Reasoning on the Web with Rules and Semantics) to which we contributed a controlled language based on Attempto Controlled English (ACE). This version of ACE is a powerful knowledge representation language that can interoperate with other languages developed for the semantic web, for instance OWL or SWRL.

We participated in the project ERGO where we developed a prototypical set of clinical practice guidelines using an extended version of ACE, and specified a forward-chaining rule-based system for the execution of guidelines.

ACE and its tools were used in an extension of the EU project MOLTO where we developed the multilingual semantic wiki AceWiki-GF that allows users — assisted by a predictive editor — to cooperatively compose a text in one of several languages that is then automatically translated into the other languages using the Grammatical Framework.

In addition, we co-operated or are co-operating with various other researchers: A. Bernstein (University of Zurich, Switzerland), S. Anders Christensson (Swedish National Defence College, Sweden), Anneli Edman (University of Uppsala, Sweden), Pierre Flener (University of Uppsala, Sweden), David Z. Hirtle (University of New Brunswick, Canada), Peter Koepke (University of Bonn, Germany), Raya Leviathan (Weizmann Institute, Israel), Jonathan Pool (Turing Center, University of Washington, USA), David S. Robertson (University of Edinburgh, Scotland), Michael Schröder (University of Dresden, Germany), Richard N. Shiffman (Yale University, USA), Geoff Sutcliffe (University of Miami, USA), Michael Thielscher (University of Dresden, Germany), Wamberto Vasconcelos (University of Aberdeen, Scotland).

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