CNL 2014

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The respective papers can be found in the workshop proceedings.


09:00-09:20Brian Davis and Tobias Kuhn
Welcome Note and Practical Information [slides]
Research Talks 1

(Session Chair: Aarne Ranta)

09:20-10:00Sandra Williams, Richard Power and Allan Third
How Easy is it to Learn a Controlled Natural Language for Building a Knowledge Base? [video]
10:00-10:40Karolina Suchowolec
Are Style Guides Controlled Languages? The Case of Koenig & Bauer AG (best paper) [slides] [video]
10:40-11:00Coffee Break
Research Talks 2

(Session Chair: Silvie Spreeuwenberg)

11:00-11:40Hazem Safwat and Brian Davis
A Brief State of the Art of CNLs for Ontology Authoring [slides] [video]
11:40-12:20John J. Camilleri, Gabriele Paganelli and Gerardo Schneider
A CNL for Contract-Oriented Diagrams [slides] [video]
12:20-13:40Lunch Break at Moffett's Restaurant (located at Orbsen Building, No 15 on map)
Research Talks 3

(Session Chair: Normunds Gruzitis)

13:40-14:20Anne Condamines and Maxime Warnier
Linguistic Analysis of Requirements of a Space Project and their Conformity with the Recommendations Proposed by a Controlled Natural Language [slides] [video]
14:20-15:00Yannis Haralambous, Julie Sauvage-Vincent and John Puentes
INAUT, a Controlled Language for the French Coast Pilot Books Instructions nautiques [slides] [video]
15:00-15:20Coffee Break
Posters and Demos
15:20-17:20Poster and Demo Session
Invited Talk 1 (Remote)

(Session Chair: Brian Davis)

17:30-18:30Marti A. Hearst
Exploratory Text Analysis at the Middle Distance [slides]


Invited Talk 2

(Session Chair: Tobias Kuhn)

09:00-10:00Aarne Ranta
Embedded Controlled Languages [slides] [video]
10:00-10:20Coffee Break
Research Talks 4

(Session Chair: Gordon Pace)

10:20-11:00Dana Dannells and Normunds Gruzitis
Controlled Natural Language Generation from a Multilingual FrameNet-based Grammar [slides] [video]
11:00-11:40Kurt Winkler, Tobias Kuhn and Martin Volk
Evaluating the fully automatic multi-language translation of the Swiss avalanche bulletin [slides] [video]
11:40-12:20Ramona Enache, Inari Listenmaa and Prasanth Kolachina
Handling non-compositionality in multilingual CNLs [video]
12:20-14:00Lunch Break at Moffett's Restaurant (located at Orbsen Building, No 15 on map)
Research Talks 5

(Session Chair: Patrick Saint-Dizier)

14:00-14:40Rolf Schwitter
Controlled Natural Language Processing as Answer Set Programming: an Experiment [video]
14:40-15:20Gordon Pace and Michael Rosner
Explaining Violation Traces with Finite State Natural Language Generation Models [slides] [video]
15:20-16:00Adam Saulwick
Lexpresso: a Controlled Natural Language [slides] [video]
16:00-16:20Coffee Break
Research Talks 6

(Session Chair: Pawel Kaplanski)

16:20-17:00Guntis Barzdins
FrameNet CNL: a Knowledge Representation and Information Extraction Language [slides] [video]
17:00-17:40Stephen Guy and Rolf Schwitter
Architecture of a Web-based Predictive Editor for Controlled Natural Language Processing [slides] [video]
Workshop Dinner
19:30Workshop Dinner at McSwiggan's Restaurant


Invited Talk 3

(Session Chair: Brian Davis)

09:00-10:00Johan Bos
Controlling Semantics [video]
10:00-10:20Coffee Break
Research Talks 7

(Session Chair: Guntis Barzdins)

10:20-11:00Paul Brillant Feuto Njonko, Sylviane Cardey, Peter Greenfield and Walid El Abed
RuleCNL: A Controlled Natural Language for Business Rule Specifications [slides] [video]
11:00-11:40C. Maria Keet and Langa Khumalo
Toward verbalizing ontologies in isiZulu [video]
11:40-12:20Juyeon Kang and Saint Dizier Patrick
Towards an Error Correction Memory to Enhance Technical Texts Authoring in LELIE (best paper) [slides] [video]
12:20-13:20Lunch Break at Moffett's Restaurant (located at Orbsen Building, No 15 on map)
Final Session

(Session Chair: Tobias Kuhn)

13:20-14:20Open Panel Discussion
14:20-14:40Awards and Closing