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Attempto Tools and Resources

ACE (Attempto Controlled English)

APE (ACE parser)

The source code of the Attempto Parsing Engine (APE) in available under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

Recent versions of APE are found on GitHub:

Furthermore, there is a content word lexicon Clex with ~100,000 entries to be used with APE. Clex is covered by the GNU General Public License.

Recent versions of Clex are found on GitHub:

Older versions of APE and Clex can be downloaded from here.

In order to use APE, you must first install SWI-Prolog and its packages (minimally: clib, sgml and http).

The ACE parser APE can be used through a APE Webclient, or directly via a APE Webservice. There is also a simple command-line tool ape.exe that provides an interface to APE and its tools. For example, executing:

./ape.exe -text "Every man is a human." -solo drsxml

will output the DRS of the ACE sentence "Every man is a human." in XML. To compile this command-line tool, just execute (or make_exe.bat, if you are using Windows).

APE also comes with a Java interface.

Related documentation:

RACE (ACE reasoner)

The ACE reasoner RACE allows users to do deduction on ACE texts, for example consistency checks and query answering.


AceRules is a forward-chaining rule system where the rules and the answer sets are written in ACE. AceRules supports multiple semantics: courteous logic programs, stable models, and stable models with strong negation.

There is a public webservice for AceRules with two interfaces: the AceRules interface serves as a demonstration, while the AceRules technical interface supports developers.


AceWiki is a semantic wiki using ACE. Unlike most other semantic wikis, the semantics is contained directly in the article texts and not in some form of annotations.


AceWiki-GF combines AceWiki with the Grammatical Framework (GF) in order to make CNL-based semantic wikis multilingual. The AceWiki-GF source code is part of the AceWiki source code.

ACE View

ACE View is an ontology and rule editor that uses ACE to create, view and edit OWL 2 ontologies and SWRL rulesets. ACE View is implemented as a plugin for the Protégé ontology editor.

OWL Verbalizer

OWL verbalizer converts OWL ontologies (expressed in XML serialization) into ACE.

ACE Editor

The ACE Editor demonstrates how editing of ACE texts can be done in a convenient way employing a predictive editor that helps users to construct syntactically correct sentences. The ACE Editor is not a finished tool but rather a general basis to create domain-specific tools on top of it. The ACE Editor source code is part of the AceWiki source code.


ACE-in-GF implements the syntax of a large subset of ACE in the Grammatical Framework and ports it to 20+ other natural languages.


Externally developed tools

Using the Grammatical Framework Krasimir Angelov and Aarne Ranta (both at University of Gothenburg) implemented a grammar for ACE and ported it to five other European languages.

Juri Luca De Coi (University of Hannover and University of Bologna) translates policy rules expressed in ACE into the Protune policy language and has been developing several tools for this purpose.

Nelson C. Dellis (University of Miami) developed the world knowledge reasoning system CNL-WKR that uses ACE as input language.

Normunds Grūzītis (University of Latvia) combined the ACE parser, the OWL verbalizer and the Grammatical Framework in ACE compliant controlled Latvian for ontology authoring and verbalization.

David Hirtle (University of Waterloo) developed TRANSLATOR that converts an ACE text into RuleML.

Geoff Sutcliffe (University of Miami) added ACE input to his TPTP tools.

Geoff Sutcliffe (University of Miami) and his collaborators have used ACE in their project SporcleAI that combines a quiz game with artificial reasoning.

Joshua A. Taylor (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) is developing CL-ACE, a set of Lisp bindings for some of the Attempto Tools.

Pierre-Alexandre Voye (University of Nantes) wrote the Analysis Tool (DAT) that parses and analyses the DRS output of the Attempto Parsing Engine APE.

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