Class ACEGrammar

  extended by ch.uzh.ifi.attempto.chartparser.Grammar
      extended by ch.uzh.ifi.attempto.acewiki.aceowl.ACEGrammar

public class ACEGrammar
extends Grammar

This grammar class is automatically generated on the basis of a file in Codeco notation.

For more information, see the Codeco package ch.uzh.ifi.attempto.codeco of the AceWiki system and the thesis "Controlled English for Knowledge Representation".

Field Summary
static ACEGrammar grammar
Constructor Summary
          Creates a new grammar object.
Method Summary
Methods inherited from class ch.uzh.ifi.attempto.chartparser.Grammar
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Field Detail


public static final ACEGrammar grammar
Constructor Detail


public ACEGrammar()
Creates a new grammar object.

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