AceWiki, version 0.5.2

AceWiki is a semantic wiki making use of the controlled natural language ACE.


ch.uzh.ifi.attempto.aceeditor This package contains the ACE Editor which is a web-based editor for ACE texts.
ch.uzh.ifi.attempto.acewiki This package contains AceWiki which is a semantic wiki engine.
ch.uzh.ifi.attempto.acewiki.aceowl This package implements an AceWiki language engine with the controlled natural language ACE as the front-end language and the semantic web language OWL as the logical language in the background.
ch.uzh.ifi.attempto.acewiki.core This package contains the core of AceWiki.  
ch.uzh.ifi.attempto.acewiki.gui This package contains GUI components for AceWiki.
ch.uzh.ifi.attempto.acewiki.owl This package contains classes and interfaces for OWL-integration into AceWiki.
ch.uzh.ifi.attempto.base This package contains basic classes and interfaces for text handling and predictive parsing.
ch.uzh.ifi.attempto.chartparser This package contains a chart parser, concretely an Earley parser, which processes grammars in Codeco notation.
ch.uzh.ifi.attempto.codeco This package contains transformation programs for the Codeco notation.
ch.uzh.ifi.attempto.echocomp This package contains some basic GUI components using the Echo Web Framework.
ch.uzh.ifi.attempto.preditor This package contains a predicitive editor that uses the Echo Web Framework and that enables easy creation of sentences that comply with a certain grammar.


AceWiki is a semantic wiki making use of the controlled natural language ACE. Acewiki is free software licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public Licence (LGPL).

Copyright 2008-2012, AceWiki developers